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The Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) facilitates institutional approval for all proposal submissions, accepts and administers grant awards, and negotiates contracts and other research-related agreements on behalf of the University of Florida. The Division of Sponsored Programs is responsible for the following areas:

Proposal Preparation & Submission临沧寿宏瑞设备有限公司

DSP reviews, approves and facilitates submission of all proposals; provides UF Authorized Official signature on proposal submissions; and offers guidance on budgeting and other proposal just-in-time and post-submission questions.

Agreement Negotiation & Signature昆明广仁台服务有限公司

DSP staff review, negotiate and facilitate the acceptance of all grants, contracts, awards, non-disclosure and data use agreements.  They are the only official signatory for these documents at UF

Award Management江山捷益长商贸有限公司

DSP facilitates the initial set-up and supports ongoing management of all sponsored awards. DSP reviews and approves all required prior approvals and award modifications.

Outgoing Subawards四平多发百机械有限公司

DSP’s Outgoing Subaward Team works closely with Principal Investigators and their staff to prepare and execute outgoing subawards or subcontracts.

Grant Accounting遵义仁鼎德商贸有限公司

Learn about the Division of Contracts & Grants and see what services it provides. 

Award Closeout江山荣和国服务有限公司

The last step in a grant or contract’s life cycle, whether cost reimbursable or fixed price, is project closeout.

Forms & Templates株洲隆利永科技有限公司

Review the different forms and templates needed for research. 


Staff Directory安顺聚大东服务有限公司



DSP Organizational Chart宜昌和益正服务有限公司

Name Position Phone Number
Stephanie Gray Assistant Vice President & Director (352) 273-4062
Lisa Stroud Associate Director (352) 294-2216
Tina Bottini Assistant Director, College of Medicine-Jacksonville (904) 244-9693
Barry Forrest Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice President (352) 846-2909
Theresa Peters Research Administration Assistant (352) 392-9269



Name Position Phone Number
Amber Hardie Manager (352) 392-8581
Ron Lester Manager (352) 392-8765
Dee Dee Carver Sponsored Programs Administrator III (352) 392-4642
Melissa Mullaney Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 294-2217
Jamie Harris Sponsored Programs Administrator III (352) 392-8796
Christine Hadad Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 294-1373
Joni Hubbard Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 392-9260
Brenda LaBranche Sponsored Programs Administrator I (352) 294-2215
Beverly Osborn Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 392-8761
Jamie Ramos Sponsored Programs Administrator I (352) 273-4761
Nate Rushing Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 392-8795
Khalid Snowden Sponsored Programs Administrator I (352) 392-8960



Name Position Phone Number
Joshua Pesch Manager (352) 294-6924
Daniel Bonilla Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 392-3721
LaNeshia Chaney Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 294-0484
Devin Dissell Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 294-7505
Chris Hackett Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 392-9272
Lindsey Jones Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 392-8092
Irina Maslova Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 273-0798
Stacey Sandrey Sponsored Programs Administrator III (352) 392-8553
Debbie Thigpen Sponsored Programs Administrator III (352) 392-8582
Amanda Wheeler Sponsored Programs Administrator II (352) 294-6920



Name Position Phone Number
Zana Dupee Contracting Officer II (352) 294-3314
Alyssa Hartle Contracting Officer II (352) 294-2218
Elizabeth Keeter Contracting Officer II (352) 294-7997
Sharon Lu Contracting Officer II (352) 294-7996
Walker Pheil Contracting Officer II (352) 294-0460


Name Position Phone Number
Kellie Crawford Contracting Officer III (352) 294-2254
Tatiana Gonzalez Contracting Officer II (352) 392-2942

DSP Roles and Responsibilities苏州旺隆如有限公司

At the University of Florida administration of Sponsored Programs is a team effort. All individuals and offices involved in sponsored programs should take personal responsibility for their actions in pursuit of individual and organizational excellence. Each individual should uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in accordance with University, sponsor, state, and federal policies and regulations.

Sponsored Programs Roles and Responsibilities – By Function锦西盈中晶服务有限公司

  • Proposal Development, Routing & Submission Matrix: PDF Version; Excel Version
  • Award Acceptance
  • Project Execution
  • Fiscal Administration of Project Execution
  • Subrecipient Monitoring
  • Effort Reporting

Sponsored Programs Roles and Responsibilities – By Individuals株洲义公公设备有限公司

Mailing Address榆次金本公服务有限公司


University of Florida
207 Grinter Hall
PO Box 115500
Gainesville, FL 32611-5500

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